Home Business: Success Depends On Your Skills

To become a successful Network Marketer you must have a number of skills that go beyond just those of sales, computers and training.

Network Marketing is not the same game as it was a decade ago. Back then the focus was on the product. All the network marketing companies taught you how to sell the product; good, new or the latest one going. And you did so by simply convincing your prospect on their value. Often this was done in someone’s home, at a hotel conference room, or standing in the line at the grocery store.

Then along comes the Internet. Marketing on the internet became less personal. It was still about the product, however the biggest selling point with many of the new opportunities is “no phone calls, no talking to anyone.” Some how we’ve lost what the idea of what Network Marketing is all about. By the very virtue of its very name, “network marketing” means to network with people, to connect. A skill you still should possess if you’re going to be in the game.

So what skills do you want

Teamwork – you need to be in the mindset of team. It can’t be all about you or the money. For you to be successful you need to help others and ensure that what you are providing will enhance there lives. The old style network marketing sales person doesn’t think like this which causes their lack of success with MLMs.

Network Marketing is about relationships. Period…end of story! That’s why the old school theory of “throw enough mud against the wall and see what sticks” does not work. You need to be willing to commit to the success of others- 100%. This truly is the power of the MLM! Always knowing that whatever you contribute to others will come back to you-ten-fold! People will do what you do, so lead by example.

Listen – you need to develop the art of listening. When you ask someone “how they are, or what they’ve been up to” really listen to the answer. In that response is a wealth of gold. When you ‘listen’ you hear what is really important to them, where their feeling some pain, what their dreams are, and from that you know how you may assist them.

Now that’s not to say that you listen and then pounce on them to sell your product as a solution to anything. This will only result in resistance to your product or opportunity. So your first objective should be to build rapport. Sometimes that takes time and won’t happen on the first meeting. The more you know about the person and find in common with each other the more likely you will build that relationship and trust. So keep asking questions until you understand their emotions and how your product can serve them.

Making the Sale

A natural flow of conversation will turn to you. They will ask you what you do for a living. This is the time you can open with enough information to peak their interest. You never want to sell them; people hate being sold. Don’t show and tell your product; speak to the benefits as it applies to them. Understand if your prospect wants an opportunity or are they better suited as a product user. Most of all keep the focus on the prospect not the product or opportunity.

Finally, if you have mastered these two important concepts you will be successful in any Network Marketing opportunity. And in the end your prospects and your team will understand that Network Marketing goes way beyond the product.

Honor yourself; learn these two powerful skills and create new possibilities for you and all those you touch.

By: Bob and Cindy Floyd

Internet Forum Marketing Procedures That Guarantee Online Business Promotion Success

When it comes to internet forum marketing, choosing a proper user name is crucial to your online business promotion success. Case studies done by online marketing experts have proved that a screen name that is easy to remember has more positive impact. Therefore, pick an easy to pronounce and remember user name. This will contribute to establishing an online personal image brand.

Some people use their real names as user names which is also recommendable. This is especially so if you have been using your name all along to build an online presence. However, for effective internet forum marketing avoid the use of funny combination of numbers as a screen name. In addition, misspellings make you look unprofessional thus this you should also stay away from.

A proper brand user name should carry with it some meaning. Therefore, do not go for a name that only makes sense to you, especially when you intend to succeed in internet forum marketing. A good idea would be to pick a user identification that is somehow relevant in your market niche. For example, if you are doing affiliate marketing a good screen name would be something like “affiliatebiz” or “associateinfo”, at least it should be related to what you do.

Internet forum marketing sites mostly include an image in your posts. Online marketing gurus advocate the use of your own picture. Therefore, take a good photograph of yourself dressed professionally, and upload it as your profile avatar. You can also put nice family pictures or a photo of your pet. At all cost do not upload offensive pictures.

Including internet forum marketing as one of your online business promotion strategies will in the long run guarantee you constant and high volume traffic thus generate online sale leads.

Follow the links below to unveil more internet marketing forum tips that guarantee online sales leads.

By: moneywise

A Business Franchise Philippines Success Story

In the Philippines, the term fast food is pretty much synonymous with the Jollibee brand. It took more than just one man for it to become that way, but all it took to start was a man name Tony Tan Caktiong. The humble beginning for Tony was working with his father to operate a kitchen in Fujian, China. In 1975, Tony began his entreprenuerial journey with simply a pair of two ice cream parlors in Cubao, Quezon City.

Despite his success with the ice cream parlors, Tony didn’t stop there. He looked around the world and saw the kind of success chains like McDonalds were having. Instead of opening a franchise for an existing fast food chain like Burger King or Wendy’s, he decided to expand with the opening of his own chain of hamburger-serving fast food restaurants named Jollibee in 1978.

Since McDonald’s hadn’t yet entered into the Philippines, Tony capitalized on this fact by establishing his brand among the Filipino people. Instead of trying to learn everything from scratch, Tony traveled to the United States to learn the tricks of the trade from the already established chains such as McDonalds. By implementing these tried and true business practices back in the Phlippines, Tony’s hard work began to pay off when his business began to rapidly expand. The division of Jollibee Philippines really tries to serve the specific needs of the Filipino people and its culture by focusing its product development as well as its marketing and advertsing to target the unique and traditional Filipino family.

Today Tony Tan Caktiong serves as a success story and a role model for entreprenuers around the world. This was solified in 2004 when Tony was voted the Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young. The chairman of Ernst and Young, James S. Turley said, “These awards are about celebrating global entrepreneurship and the desire to continually innovate and expand. Tony’s story is a truly inspirational one, on both these counts. We are delighted he has been selected to receive this year’s award.”

By: May Laza

Business Success : Busting The “slow Start” Wall

The prospect of owning a business sounds interesting to most people.

For the ones that take action on their intrigue, a multitude of choices await them. They spend time wading through potential offers until one strikes them as exciting, legitimate, and bears that familiar home business lure, “You will make money right away ”

Then begins their voyage of owning a business.

They get familiar with their products, services, or whatever else is a part of their business. They setup an office so that they can start putting their business in motion. Does this sound familiar? This scenario is probably close to the one you have gone through.

You have been through the selection process, the introduction guides, and the offices setups. Plus, you have probably experienced something else that every beginning home business owner has: the situation where you have no real income from your business even though you have done everything everyone else has told you to do.

Frustration sets in and you start to worry about what you will do next.

When frustration starts to mount, it is not time to give up the ship. It is time to examine your frustration.

So, why are you frustrated?

First, you know your business will take off if you can just get it rolling.

Next, the “secrets” that you thought would propel you to success just are not working.

Lastly, you know that there is a way to get your business of the ground but you just can’t seem to get your hands on it.

Do not feel ashamed or embarrassed about the setback you are facing, this has happened to even the most successful people. But what makes the difference between successful people and everyone else in business is that the successful people have found the next step in their business evolution.

They have not only found the next step but hey have pulled themselves to that step and moved beyond.

So what is the next step?

The next step is busting through the starry eyed “You will make money right away” myth and realizing the true secret behind successful businesses, which is: Effective Marketing.

Effective marketing is gaining the largest amount of exposure to your target audience for the lowest amount of your advertising dollar. This may sound simple but, it is the most forgettable point about owning a home business.

Most people get excited about selling their product to 50 people but forget to realize that they spent more on bringing in those customers than they actually get from selling to them. The ways to market effectively come down to very simple concepts but are as varied as there are marketers.

It is up to the individual marketer to use those concepts that are readily available and turn their business into a vehicle that can gain them financial freedom through effective marketing.

By: Robert Reyes